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Weingut Stein

Wine from the Nahe region is more than a simple regional product for the team here at the Stein Winery. To us it is an affair of the heart. What started more than 200 years ago as a sideline has grown into a profession with a strong sense of tradition and commitment to the production of wine.
Our love for the Nahe Valley and the juice from its grapes has encouraged us to be creative in the production of our wines.
Yet our traditions are still rooted in the soil of our homeland. We cultivate our vines today much the same as was done in the past.

Regards Family Stein

Our goal is to continue developing our winegrowing tradition in a steady and cautious manner. We will cultivate our vines in an ecologically friendly manner so as to endure and to produce a well-known quality vintage year after year.

We look forward to a great 2013 wine year. Take a look at our new wine collection and the upcoming dates for the wine tours. Please feel free to contact us.

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